Top 10 Prom New Member Application 2016 Season

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*1. Owner Information:
Owner Name(s)
Store Name
US State
Zip Code
Web Site:
Store Phone
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Email Address
*2. Store Information: (if you have more than one location, please answer all questions based on the store address entered above)
How many years have you sold prom dresses?
How many square feet of selling space does your store have?
How many dressing rooms do you have?
*3. Please mark all catagories you sell in your store:

4. If you rent Tuxedos, what supplier(s) do you use?  Mark all that apply: 

*5. Have you or do you advertise with other book groups?  Check applicable answer for each book listed.
No Yes but no longer Yes and will continue
Hot Shots
Other Mailed Book


What Prom dress lines do you carry?

Please select all manufacturers that apply.

Include a manufacturer even if you only carry one line when multiples are offered. (Example, if you carry Panoply from House of Wu but not Tiffany, you should still select House of Wu even though you do not carry all of their lines).

Remaining Characters: 1000

*7. What shoe lines do you carry?
Please select all that apply.  If you carry any lines that are not listed, select the "If Other" box and type in the names of other lines you carry.
Remaining Characters: 1000

*8. Please rank the follow items based on your interest in attending the training or event for helping your business grow.
Extremely Very Neutral Not Really Not at All
Advertising & Marketing Planning
Social Marketing / Facebook
Member Round Tables / Panels
Spring Retreat with Fellow Members
Retail Store Merchandising
Employee Management
Sales Training
Open-to-Buy / Inventory Control
Cash Flow Management

*9. When we meet as a group, what other topics or ideas would you be interested in discussing or learning more about to improve your business?
Remaining Characters: 500

*10. Which market locations do you visit when buying for your stores?
Often Sometimes Not Yet
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
Vendor Summer Events

*11. Right to check and share credit information with Vendors. We take pride for being known for having the highest operating standards in the industry. By marking YES below you authorize Top 10 Prom, LLC to share your business credit information and to obtain references from Vendors in the group. *

Once you have submitted your survey your browser will link to the Survey Methods website which confirms your survey has been sent. Thank you for taking time to complete the Membership Application. We value the input and involvement of our Members. Knowing more about you and your store helps to make sure we remain focused on those things that will help our Members most. We will contact you within a few business days to talk further about Membership in Top 10 Prom.

Denise & David Knapp