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Let us help you increase your search engine results and provide a social media baseline.

As a Top 10 Prom Member you have valuable extra benefits available worth hundreds of dollars, designed to save you time and money.

First, let us know your social networks so that we can like, follow and promote. With our online activity reaching into the millions each prom season, our connections improve your SEO and online rankings.

Second, let us provide your baseline social posts for Facebook and Instagram. You are busy helping Customers during prom and may fall behind on keeping up with a baseline of posts designed to improve your online standing. Let us do it for you. These generic posts are designed to boost SEO and keep Customers engaged with you.

We can post directly to your Facebook and Instagram Business pages for you. If you don’t want the Facebook posts automatically posted for you, these same posts will be available for you to download and post yourself.

The posts that we provide are generic and you will still need to make your local posts about what is happening in your store. Examples you may want to post locally could include things like dresses in stock, store promotions, any events going on in store, etc.

Remember, you can always edit posts. So, make your life easy and sign up today. A $750 Value at no additional cost!


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1. Let us like & follow you on your social media outlets: Which social networks are you on? Please fill-in your online name so we can find and like/follow you:
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2. Let us post your baseline. Our posts are designed to enhance your SEO and ranking to improve Customer engagement. You will still want to make local posts about activities happening in your store.

Fill out your username and password below to signup for the baseline posts on your Facebook and Instagram Business social media pages. Note: you will always be able to remove any post and cancel our making posts at any time. User ID and Password information will be kept strictly confidential.

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