2016/2017 1st Semester Marketing Sign-Up Form

signupThe 1st semester program focuses on connecting you and your Customers using your online tools to increase engagement for Homecoming, fall, holiday and the coming prom season. Using the 1st semester digital book is optional. Stores that do a good Homecoming business find it useful to promote their store while building the Customer database for prom season before the competition gets started. Other stores like keeping their name in front of Customers early and building their Customer database as well. Your online digital book is about branding YOUR STORE NAME and can be emailed, sent in text messages and posted to websites and social media. It comes complete with your store logo, phone, website and location information hyperlinking back to your store. It is designed to put and keep you in front of your Customers throughout the 1st semester and into prom season. You’ll start prom season already connected on their phones and mobile devices. Yes, I want to participate in the 2016/2017 1st Semester, Homecoming, Fall & Holiday marketing campaign ($85 setup fee will be invoiced).

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